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Jaggary Whole/Gudd 500 gram

Purifies Blood,Prevents from Blood Disorder,Helps in improving Digestion,Makes the bones stronger and removes joint pain,Provides nourishment to skin,Cures acne and pimples,Prevents from Anemia

Minimum Quantity : 1

₹ 72.00 ₹ 80.00 10% off

Red Chilli Whole/Laal Mirch Sabut 50 gram

It is useful in sore throat. It improves blood circulation and makes sure that vitamins are circulated in all the parts of the body. Cures headaches and relieves respiratory problems.

Minimum Quantity : 1

₹ 27.00 ₹ 30.00 10% off

Basmati Rice/Basmati Chawal 500 gram

High Calorific Value, Lower in Fat and Gluten, Rich source of Vitamin

Minimum Quantity : 1

₹ 99.00 ₹ 110.00 10% off

Regular Tea 200gram

One of the main reasons people opt for organic tea over conventionally grown tea is that organic tea is better for you. While it is true that some pesticides and fertilizers are removed during tea processing, many of these chemicals are water soluble

Minimum Quantity : 1

₹ 108.00 ₹ 120.00 10% off

Brown Rice/Brown Chawal 400 gms

Brown rice is a whole grain and a good source of magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, and manganese, and is high in fiber.

Minimum Quantity : 1

₹ 72.00 ₹ 80.00 10% off

Lemon Tea 200gram

Good for curing Cold and Flu,Cleaning action and mental health,Lemon Tea is a proven Antiseptic,Reduction of swelling arising out of surgery,Cancer Preventive,Helps in reducing the weight,Reduces throat pain,Good for Indigestion and constipation

Minimum Quantity : 1

₹ 195.00 ₹ 216.67 10% off